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Application of Bamboo Charcoal

1、Application in Daily Life:

According to its characteristics, bamboo charcoal can be made into various articles of daily use, bedding articles, and charcoal packages used for keeping refrigerators fresh and wardrobes dry. Bamboo charcoal has an outstanding effect for getting rid of hazardous substance and gas in newly decorated rooms and cars. When cooked with rice, bamboo charcoal can remove peculiar smell and substance and pesticide residue in rice. Drinking water can be purified by bamboo charcoal. Insoles and clothes made of bamboo charcoal cloth can remove peculiar smell, resist bacteria, and absorb moisture. Calligraphy, paintings, and photos mounted on bamboo charcoal cloth are mold and moisture proof, and against fading and mildew for long-term preservation.

2Application in Agriculture:

Bamboo charcoal is a carrier of edaphon and organic nutrition ingredients. It contains various mineral substances for organism growth and can keep nutrient balance. Bamboo charcoal is alkaline and good soil ameliorant. It can neutralize the soil PH and enhance the soil vitality. Studies show that using bamboo charcoal to cultivate peach trees can increase output and improve quality. Upscale flowers and grass on lawns and golf courses applied with bamboo charcoal grow well and are easy to manage.

3Application on Material Industry:

Bamboo Charcoal can be made into various advanced composite materials such as submicron powder bamboo charcoal cloth, bamboo charcoal porous ceramic, powder compacting composite material, filler of degradable plastics, and feed additives. Artificial board made of bamboo charcoal can effectively reduce pollutants in building materials and protect the environment.

4Application in Electronic Industry:

Bamboo charcoal is a new material that can shield electromagnetic wave and produce anion. It is mainly applied in producing anion for air conditioners, shielding and waterstop for communication optical fiber cables, anti-electronic interference for command centers, and air purification for planes, vehicles, ships and computer rooms.

5Application in Building Decoration:

Bamboo charcoal put on ground floor or under floor is moisture, mold and insect proof and can improve the environment. Bamboo charcoal can automatically adjust humidity and the effect can last long, so it is far better than unslaked lime which is commonly used at present. Bamboo charcoal powder can be used for architectural coatings processing.

6Application in Environmental Protection:

Bamboo charcoal is a good water treatment agent. When placed in water, the bamboo charcoal can remove harmful chemicals and odor in water. Bamboo charcoal particles can be used for cleaning riverway and sewage, especially urban sewage treatment, for bamboo charcoal can not only purify water, but also remove odors and beautify the environment. The effect is remarkable.

7Application in Medicine and Health:

Bamboo charcoal contains ingredients such as acetic acid, diethyl ether, and ethyl alcohol which can kill germs and cure skin allergy, asthma, and dermatophytosis. A long-term use of toothpaste, soap, facial cleanser, cosmetic cream and bath foam that contain bamboo charcoal can soften stratum corneum, make skin white, smooth, fresh, soft and moist, prevent and even cure skin diseases.

Suggested consumption amount and methods of application * Please remove the plastic packing bags or paper before use.

1Used for removing hazardous substance such as formaldehyde and benzene in new house decoration. Floor moisture regulating charcoal: used for paving solid wood floor. Pave the charcoal package in the keel. Use 1-3 kg charcoal per square meter based on the room conditions and needs. Floor moisture regulating pad: used for paving laminate floor. Pave the charcoal pad between moisture-proof pad and floor. After decoration, determine the consumption amount based on the practical conditions (building materials used, furniture materials, planned moving-in time). The effect is directly proportional to the amount. The more the charcoal is used, the faster and more obvious the effect is. Generally, we hope to see the effect within 1-2 weeks after use. Therefore, it is necessary to use 1 kg for 3-5 m2 room. If furniture is the main pollution source, we recommend larger amount to be used inside furniture (closet and drawer), thus the effect will be more obvious and targeted. Generally, 1-2 kg charcoal is needed for a standard closet of 90 cm * 200 cm * 60 cm. It is better to air once per week the charcoal products used for removing hazardous substance in newly decorated house.

2Used to purify indoor air and shield electromagnetic wave. Charcoal bag, canister, and plate can all be used. Put charcoal canister or plate in a satisfied basket made of vine or bamboo, or an uncovered glass container or other containers that are decorative. Do not put the container close to wall but better 10 cm away from wall. It can be put close to TV, computer or sofa, on end tae, table or low cabinet, or in corner. Charcoal bag can be put under sofa or unnoticeable corner. Generally, as long as the air ventilation can be guaranteed, the charcoal does not need to be aired on purpose.

3Used for deodorization and refreshment in closet, drawer, and refrigerator. Charcoal bags can be put anywhere without contaminating nearby stuff. It is suggested to wrap charcoal canisters or plates with old newspaper or tissue to keep nearby articles clean. Use charcoal bags of 200g or 100g for small rooms like drawers. Use charcoal bags of 500g or equivalent charcoal canisters or plates for large drawers. Use at least 100g charcoal for each storey of refrigerator. Charcoal bags of 150g are also available. If the cold storage of refrigerator is open type, it is ok to put charcoal bags of 500g on the side of door. In summary, the charcoal bags can be selected based on needs. Use charcoal bags of 200 g or 500g or equivalent charcoal canisters or plates based on the room size and needs. Bamboo charcoal is recyclable. Its effect can be restored after being aired for one day at appropriate time (1-4 weeks, based on personal use conditions). Charcoal can be used all the time as long as it is effective.

4Used for removing order inside vehicles. It is suggested to use 1-2 kg charcoal for 5-person station wagon.

5Used for cooking or boiling water. Generally, charcoal plate is suitable for this purpose. Quickly wash down the floating ash on the charcoal surface with clean water. Remember not to use detergent. Boil the washed charcoal plates with meal or water. 1-2 plates are enough for cooking meal or boiling water. Clean the bamboo charcoal with water after use and it can be used again. Dry the bamboo charcoal in the shade for one day per week, and the effect can last for 2 months.

6Used for bath. Generally speaking, charcoal plate or canister is suitable for bath. Quickly wash down the floating ash on the surface with clean water before use. Remember not to use detergent. Put the washed charcoal plate or canister in non-woven bag or mesh bag, or wrap the charcoal with towel and put it in the bathtub. The skin after a charcoal bath will be as smooth and moist as after a hot spring bath. Clean the bamboo charcoal with water after use and it can be used again. Dry the bamboo charcoal in the shade for one day per week, and the effect can last for six months.

7Used for shoe maintenance. Put the shoe products in shoes. It is better to air the charcoal one day per week to restore its adsorbent effect.

8Used for clothes maintenance. Use the charcoal with dustproof bag. Put wardrobe charcoal saddlebag and clothes in dustproof bag. Allocate one charcoal saddlebag (net weight of 100g) for each dustproof bag. Use 3-4 charcoal saddlebags for a wardrobe room of 90 cm * 200 cm * 60 cm.

9Used for soil improvement or fish tank water purification. Scrap or unpack used bamboo charcoal and bury it in soil, and it can enhance the soil vitality. The bamboo charcoal can be used as soil conditioner for gardens and nurseries. The bamboo charcoal can also be put in fish tank or vase to purify water and extend flowering phase.

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